School Level Transportation Liason
Steven Ehrhard OR Tammy Ramsey
(318) 368-8051 OR

Car Riders/Car Passes Information

  • ALL families with car riders will be given TWO SCHOOL APPROVED safety passes at Orientation.
  • Extra passes or replacement passes will cost $5 each and can be purchased through the office.
  • Carline safety passes will have an assigned number for each family.
  • To pick up your students in the car pickup line you must have a SCHOOL APPROVED carline safety pass. Any cars without a SCHOOL APPROVED carline safety pass will have to park and check out their students as normal through the elementary or high school office. There are NO EXCEPTIONS!

To request additional Car Pro Tags visit:

BUS Contact Information

  • Students must comply with commands to ensure a calm atmosphere for ZERO distractions for the bus driver who MUST drive safely.
  • There is zero tolerance for driver distraction. Efforts will be made to stop these distractions including, but not limited to, removing your child from the bus temporarily or permanently, depending upon the severity of the action.
  • Riding the bus shall be considered a privilege for all DWCS students.

Bus Rules

  1. The bus driver has the authority to assign seats.
  2. Riders will be courteous to the driver and other riders.
  3. Absolutely no use of profanity will be tolerated.
  4. No eating or drinking on the bus. The driver may approve the drinking of water in hot weather.
  5. Riders will remain seated until instructed by the driver.
  6. No smoking or use of tobacco products on the school bus.
  7. Keep all body parts and personal materials inside the school bus. Failure to do so can result in serious injury or loss of life.
  8. Destruction or damaging of the school bus is prohibited and WILL result in removal from the school bus. Parents may be held responsible for repair or replacement of damage.
  9. The use of electronic devices on the school bus is allowed. Please see the separate letter regarding the use of these devices.
  10. Bullying will not be tolerated and WILL result in removal from the school bus.
  11. Willful indecent conduct WILL result in removal from the school bus.

Parental Responsibility

  1. Parents will inform the school that their children will be riding the school bus and of their pick-up and drop-off locations. All pick-up and drop-off locations must be approved by the Transportation Department. Any change to these locations MUST be reported to the student’s school prior to the change. Bus Drivers WILL NOT alter these locations unless notified in writing by the school. This notification must be signed by a school official.
  2. Parents must have their children ready for pick-up when the bus arrives. Drivers are instructed to stop only momentarily if no apparent rider is waiting to board. Riders must present themselves to the driver immediately. Drivers WILL NOT wait for riders to appear. This is a safety issue. In the event of rain or extreme cold, drivers will allow a moment of additional time.
  3. If a driver stops at a particular pick-up location and no rider is there to ride the bus for three consecutive days, the driver is not obligated to continue this stop until contacted by the parentguardian associated with this stop. Parentsguardians are encouraged to notify bus drivers in the event of long absences so that bus service is not needlessly interrupted.
  4. Parents wishing to include their child in the school bus transportation system once the school year has begun must inform their student’s school.
  5. No one is allowed to board the school bus except student riders. This includes parents. This is a safety issue.
  6. Parents must be courteous to the bus driver and drivers must be courteous to parents. Inappropriate behavior or use of profanity toward the bus driver may result in the removal of their student from the school bus. Problems with a driver should be reported to the Transportation Department.
  7. Parents wishing to report a problem on the school bus must report to the student’s school principal. Investigation and disciplinary measures taken as a result of a school bus incident are at the discretion of the attending school.
  8. Questions regarding bus routing and timing should be made to the Transportation Department.
  9. The school district will not be responsible for materials left on the school bus.
  10. All buses are equipped with video surveillance. Parents who wish to view video where it relates to their child must request this from the attending school. The school will then request video from the Transportation Department. The Transportation Department will not view video with parents unless it relates directly with the conduct and actions of the bus driver. The Transportation Department will issue opinions only as it relates to the conduct and actions of the bus driver. Actions taken by the school are at the discretion of that school.
  11. School bus routing is directly associated with a student’s information filed with their school. Parents must ensure that this information, including physical address, phone contacts, and form of transportation, are accurately reported to their school.

School Bus Behavior Report

Students who misbehave on a school bus are subject to being issued a School Bus Behavior Report. This form, issued by the bus driver to the student’s school, documents the student has had a school bus behavior incident. The form will indicate actions taken by the school as a result of this misconduct.

DWCS Bus Discipline Plan

The student shall be warned and then removed from the bus from 1-10 days depending upon the severity of the action.

  • 1st Violation: Warning
  • 2nd Violation: 1 Day Bus Suspension.
  • 3rd Violation: Discretion of administration between 1-10 days from the bus and the beginning of suspension from school depending upon the offense.
  • Fighting on the Bus: A conference will be held with the Transportation Director, the driver, and school administration to determine further action including the possibility of permanent loss of bus riding privileges. A student who decides to fight should expect to lose bus riding privileges as well as face arrest upon arrival at school. A person can protect themselves against assault, but if it is shown that a student participated in arguments and exchange of words that leads to a fight, he or she shall be disciplined, and both students should expect the same punishment. We will not try to figure out who is more at fault. Fighting distracts a driver from their job and puts student safety at risk. Please expect to have all bus privileges revoked in such cases.

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