Special Education Advisory Council

D’Arbonne Woods Charter School Special Education Advisory Council (DW SEAC) is an opportunity for school and community stakeholders to provide insight and feedback regarding special education policies, procedures, and resources impacting diverse students. Members of D’Arbonne Wood’s SEAC engage in community outreach to increase knowledge, support, and awareness, and coordination of services in special education. Members of the council are appointed for a one-year term, and act as an advisory council to the Executive Director as needed.

Current Members

  • A’naliese Towns, Chairperson, Educational Diagnostician

  • Mary Louisa McMahon, High School  Academic Advisor, LPC

  • Dee Coates, Elementary Team Lead

  • Stephanie Miller, Middle School Team Lead

  • Three non publicly listed parents, Parent of SPED students


SEAC Annual Report

Kindergarten-12th Grades

9560 Highway 33
Farmerville, LA 71241

Fax: 318-368-8258

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REPORT SEXUAL HARRASSMENT - Contact DWCS Human Resources Department at 318-368-8051 X 6018.

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