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Students, parents, teachers, principals and school leaders can all work together to prevent and end bullying.

Bullying is a pattern of:

  • written, electronic or verbal communications that threaten harm,
  • obscene gestures, taunting or malicious teasing,
  • persistent shunning or excluding a student, or
  • physical harm, such as hitting, pushing or damaging personal property.

If you are a student, parent or school leader and need to report a case of bullying, you can fill out this form PDF and submit to the principal or appropriate school leader.

If you are a school leader who is investigating a report of bullying, you can use this form to document the investigation.

Under Act 861 enacted in 2012, school employees are required to participate in four hours of training to learn how to detect, prevent and end bullying. Teachers or other school personnel who receive a complaint about bullying must verbally notify the principal on the day of incident and in writing within two days of the incident. The principal must notify parents and launch an investigation on the day of the incident. The investigation must be completed with ten days. The Bullying Prevention Toolkit, developed by the Louisiana Department of Education, provides resources to assist school districts to prevent and end bullying.

Cyber Bullying

Cyber-bullying is the intended act of transmitting any (electronic, digital or internet technology) textual, visual, written, or oral communication with the intent to inflict cruelty, coercion, abuse, torment, intimidation, harassment (direct or indirect), embarrassment, or cause fear of physical harm, emotional or mental distress to any person or student either on or off school property. Cyber-bullying can involve, but is not limited to, using a local bulletin board service, internet chat room, blogs, websites postings, video or digital pictures, texting, electronic mail, online messaging service, online community social networking websites, cell phones, or other technology utilized to send obscene, mean, vulgar, harassing, or threatening communications. Cyber-bullying is not limited to sharing or taking images intended to humiliate; re-sharing images is against the law. videoing someone being harassed and sending the video to others; using someone else’s account/contact list to forward rude, mean or threatening messages; posting sensitive, and/or Web Publishing Guidelines 96 private information about any person; pretending to be someone else in order to make another person look or feel bad or to send threatening messages or images or to engage in an activity causing hurtful emotions; intentionally excluding a person from an online group, electronic textual, visual, written, or oral communication; sending or forwarding unsuitable images, videos, text, or other communication; accessing or deleting text, emails, videos, or other communication; persuading or encouraging the act of cyber-bulling; recording or usage of recorded messages, text, videos, or other communications for the purpose of cyber-bullying. Cyber-bullying will not be tolerated by any student or school personnel. The act of cyber- bullying will result in an immediate suspension of the person(s) performing the act until an investigation is performed by the Executive Director in conjunction with the Union Parish Sherriff’s Office. The Board level Discipline Committee will meet and review the findings of the investigation upon its conclusion. If found to have cause, and upon the recommendation of said committee, at the next full Board of Directors’ meeting, the person(s) shall be immediately expelled from D’Arbonne Woods Charter School in accordance with all applicable state statutes. ** As applicable for all policies of DWCS, first day of school attendance constitutes acceptance of all school policies.

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