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Football Ticket Guidelines During Covid-19

  • Tickets will be limited to 25% of our stadium capacity.  This will limit our tickets to a very small number.  There will be an allotment for visitors, football players, and cheerleaders available prior to online sales.  This is a state requirement due to Covid.
  • The tickets will be $5 for the scrimmages, $5 for junior high games, and $8 for all regular season varsity games. 
  • There will be tailgating available for the regular season varsity and junior high games. There will be no tailgating for the scrimmage. There will be 10 tailgating spots available @ $25 for each spot.  This spot will allow for 4 people.   You may have 6 additional people in a tailgating spot. This will be $5 each. This will be available online for purchase. If you purchase this ticket, you will only be able to view the game from your tailgate area. It is a great view!
  • You may purchase a preferred parking pass, with your ticket. This will also be available online for purchase. There will be 30 available online. 
  • When you make your purchase, please print your receipt.  Bring this to the game, and there will be armbands, parking passes, and tailgate passes available at this entry point. Please do not show the gate attendant a screenshot of the receipt.
  • If you have a coaches card, please go to the ticket booth to sign the proper documentation and you will  be given access to the game.  
  • Visitors from the opposing team will be given an opportunity to purchase online within a limited timeframe.  Once this time frame has expired, the home team will be given the opportunity to purchase any remaining tickets. 
  • Under these guidelines there will not be staff +1 ticketing available.  All fans will be asked to purchase tickets online. However, you may purchase preferred parking tickets at school, from Mrs. Bev. All those in attendance will be required to purchase a ticket/ armband. Students and small children must purchase a ticket.  Under 1 year of age will be admitted with no charge.
  • There will only be seating in our stadium structure seating, per covid guidelines. 

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