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Pictured left to right: Cheyenne Herrington- 3rd place, Conner Craig- 2nd place, Melodee Carr- 1st place, Heath Murry, Executive Director, Charley Alford- 1st place, Cross Albritton- 2nd place, Chasen Kennedy- 3rd place

2nd Annual Spelling Bee Results

DWCS had approximately 50 students compete in our 2nd Annual D’Arbonne Woods Charter School Spelling Bee on January 25th. First place winners in each division will advance to the Regional Spelling Bee competition in Shreveport, Louisiana. Congratulations to all of our winners and best of luck in the regional competition.

4th -5th Grade Spelling Bee Winners:
1st place- Melodee Carr- 5th grade
2nd place- Conner Craig- 4th grade
3rd place- Cheyenne Herrington- 5th grade

6th -8th Grade Spelling Bee Winners:
1st place- Charley Alford- 8th grade
2nd place- Cross Albritton- 8th grade
3rd place- Chasen Kennedy- 7th grade

**Thank you to Ms. Stephanie Herrmann, Union Parish Library, and Ms. Jiame Brown, Children’s Coalition and Union General Hospital, for volunteering their time to judge both competitions.

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